December 2013


12/12/13 • CRANBERRY-WALNUT-CLAFOUTIS From Sunday Suppers at Lucgues (Knopf) Several Sundays ago what had been planned as a simple meal at home for Alfredo and me turned into an impromptu dinner party for six—a last-minute gathering calling for that additional flourish known as dessert. Time was limited, though, and so I turned to one of my favorite dessert-in-a-pinch options: clafoutis. Let’s start by addressing tha
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12/05/13 • MUSTARD VINAIGRETTE From Julia and Jacques: Cooking at Home I’ve gone back-and-forth about sharing this particular recipe with all of you—not because I don’t believe it’s one everyone should know about, but because it’s for salad dressing… and somehow that just seemed too minor to warrant its own posting. Except I know from experience how valuable the right salad dressing recipe can be. One or two good one
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