12/12/13 • CRANBERRY-WALNUT-CLAFOUTIS From Sunday Suppers at Lucgues (Knopf) Several Sundays ago what had been planned as a simple meal at home for Alfredo and me turned into an impromptu dinner party for six—a last-minute gathering calling for that additional flourish known as dessert. Time was limited, though, and so I turned to one of my favorite dessert-in-a-pinch options: clafoutis. Let’s start by addressing tha
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09/03/13 • FIG AND ALMOND CAKE From the Wed., Aug. 21st edition of The New York Times This past weekend got off to a sweet start with a visit to Briermere Farm in Riverhead, NY, a farm stand on the north fork of Long Island with a well-deserved reputation for turning out some of the East End’s very best pies, as well as for having one of the largest pie selections anywhere. On the day we visited I counted 27 varietie
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08/09/12 • PIECE O’ (PEACH) CAKE

08/09/12 • PIECE O’ (PEACH) CAKE From season 12 of America’s Test Kitchen (click here to view the recipe)  At its best, eating can be a kind of adventure—a chance to put your comfort level on the line and experience something that will either have you running for the safety of the nearest ham sandwich, or that can turn your life just a little upside down. That’s something I first discovered many decades ago, wh
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