March 2012


03/29/12 • PARM PERFECTION From the Jan., 2011 Martha Stewart Living (click here to view the recipe) It’s funny how a dish that’s been around for what seems like forever can suddenly catch on again, showing up on the pages of cookbooks and cooking magazines with renewed currency. Such has recently been the case with one of my all-time favorites (obsessions, really) — chicken parmigiana. For years I’ve had a weakness
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03/22/12 • BEST BROWN BREAD From the March, 2012 Saveur (click here to view the recipe) I had to try it. There are times when I’ll be casually flipping through a cookbook or a cooking magazine and land on an image, or a recipe, or even a headline, and something about the item in question will grab hold of me in such a way that it becomes the thing I must make, and eat, as soon as possible. Such was the case with this
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03/15/12 • KALE AND HEARTY

03/15/12 • KALE AND HEARTY From the Nov., 2011 Bon Appetit (click here to view the recipe) Several weeks ago, in my posting for French chocolate cake, I promised to return soon with something healthier and less guilt-inducing — “a kale salad or some such,” were, I believe, the words I chose to capture this as yet undiscovered healthful item. Now as you’ve probably observed from my previous nine months of recipe refle
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03/08/12 • FISH DINNER WINNER From the July, 2007 Gourmet (click here to view the recipe) I don’t know about you, but when I see fish on a menu — any kind of fish — I tend to glaze over. This doesn’t make much sense because I actually like fish; I have no seafood phobias and I often cook fish at home. What’s more, when scanning a restaurant’s options, I’m often looking for an alternative to red meat (which is a
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03/01/12 • BEST BREAKFAST BURRITO! From Fine Cooking (click here to view the recipe) I don’t get to L.A. all that often — maybe once or twice a year, if that — but on those occasions when I do, a favorite thing to do there is visiting the Farmer’s Market, the one at Third and Fairfax. Of course, without access to a working kitchen, these excursions are generally less about shopping for some future meal (though I’ve b
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