02/28/13 • EASY RYE BREAD

02/28/13 • EASY RYE BREAD Adapted from My Bread: The Revolutionary no-work, no-knead Method by Jim Lahey Many years ago I made the silly decision to swear off bread. I’d like to say this had something to do with an effort at eating more healthfully, but the truth is it was driven by the simple desire to firm up my stomach—a goal I understood to be attainable if I laid off foods made from flour (and if I did a lot of
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03/22/12 • BEST BROWN BREAD From the March, 2012 Saveur (click here to view the recipe) I had to try it. There are times when I’ll be casually flipping through a cookbook or a cooking magazine and land on an image, or a recipe, or even a headline, and something about the item in question will grab hold of me in such a way that it becomes the thing I must make, and eat, as soon as possible. Such was the case with this
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