08/27/13 • CREAMY ZUCCHINI SOUP From the Sept., 2013 Food & Wine Soup is one of those food groups that as a rule fail to excite me. With the exception of a really cold winter’s day when a hot bowl of soup suddenly seems like a good idea, soup is usually the last thing you’ll find me eating (the one exception is my longtime Chinese restaurant favorite, hot and sour soup—something I’ll happily consume in any kind o
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01/10/13 • LUSTY KALE SOUP

01/10/13 • LUSTY KALE SOUP Adapted from the Jan., 2001 Gourmet  Few conversations are less promising than ones that begin with the words: “I had the most amazing dream last night!” Such is the nature of our unconscious wanderings that they’re never as interesting to the person hearing about them as they are to the mind in which they unspooled (unless, of course, you’re Sigmund Freud). Still, at the risk of putting yo
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