August 2011


08/25/11 • LATE SUMMER FRITTER From the August, 2011 Food and Wine (click here to view the recipe) I wish I could tell you that this recipe demanded my attention because I had a bumper crop of zucchini sitting in the fridge and here was a way to call all that late summer bounty into service. But no, I have not been trawling the local farm-stands or stocking up at the farmer’s market — the simple truth is much less ad
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08/18/11 • ULTIMATE SHRIMP SCAMPI From the April, 2006 Gourmet (click here for the recipe) I seem to be eating a lot of spaghetti these days, and when I’m not eating it I’m thinking about it. For a long time I only ever thought about it and never ate it, as once upon a time I subscribed to a strict no-carbs policy. I’m glad those days are behind me, but even though I now eat bagels, baguettes, potatoes, muffins, gnoc
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08/11/11 • PORK WITH A TWIST

08/11/11 • PORK WITH A TWIST From the July, 2011 Martha Stewart Living (click here to view the recipe) I’ve never been much of a watermelon fan. This seems like an almost un-American thing to reveal, like sharing that you once burnt the flag in college or something, but there you have it. As a kid, the fastest way to end my enthusiasm at a cookout was to present a platter of watermelon, and it’s a sentiment I’ve carr
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08/04/11 • WICKED-GOOD DEVILED EGGS From the Jan./Feb., 2011 Saveur (click here to view the recipe) Have you ever noticed the way dinner guests grow suddenly quiet when presented with a platter of deviled eggs? Just enter a crowded room carrying a tray loaded with these little flavor-packed egg cups and watch the way the buzz of conversation suddenly dims. It’s not necessarily that anyone is overwhelmed by your culin
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