February 2013

02/28/13 • EASY RYE BREAD

02/28/13 • EASY RYE BREAD Adapted from My Bread: The Revolutionary no-work, no-knead Method by Jim Lahey Many years ago I made the silly decision to swear off bread. I’d like to say this had something to do with an effort at eating more healthfully, but the truth is it was driven by the simple desire to firm up my stomach—a goal I understood to be attainable if I laid off foods made from flour (and if I did a lot of
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02/21/13 • CLASSIC BEEF STROGANOFF Adapted from the Feb./March 2012 Fine Cooking  When I was growing up in Philadelphia in the 1970s beef stroganoff was the sort of thing my parents would serve at their dinner parties… or at least I think it was. Writing this, I realize the statement is based on an early memory, and we know how reliable memory is—particularly vintage ones. Be that as it may, I do seem to recall wakin
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02/14/13 • HASH BROWNS, FULLY LOADED Adapted from the Feb., 2013 Bon Appétit I have to confess that even with Hurricane Sandy still fresh in my memory I found much of the media coverage surrounding the approach of last weekend’s snowstorm a little hard to take seriously. Friday morning dawned with banner headlines on the local news announcing things like “the blizzard of 2013,” and continued with dire warnings that c
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