December 2011


12/29/11 • THE SUNSHINE CAKE From the June, 2011 issue of Bon Appetit (click here to view the recipe) Cake was never a big thing in either of my parents’ houses when I was growing up. I mean it was a big thing in the sense that anytime one appeared it brought on plenty of excitement on the part of us kids, to say nothing of a creeping anxiety that we might not get our fair share (a sentiment that led to a good deal o
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12/22/11 • LIGHTS, ACTION, . . . LATKES!

12/22/11 • LIGHTS, ACTION, . . . LATKES! From the Oct., 2007 issue of Fine Cooking (click here to view the recipe) Many years ago I wrote a piece for a women’s magazine about growing up with two mothers — my biological mom and my step-mom. The two households were vastly different and shuttling between them presented some challenges at times, but those differences also offered a lot of benefits. That’s something I’m p
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12/15/11 • BRACIOLE

12/15/11 • BRACIOLE From Lidia’s Italy in America On Monday night I was part of a small group that was treated to a private tour of the Elizabeth Taylor collection (jewelry, clothing, doo-dads) being auctioned off by Christie’s. The sale itself kicked-off the following night with some of Taylor’s most famous baubles (among them the Elizabeth Taylor diamond, formerly known as the Krupp) and while I wasn’t surprised to
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12/08/11 • BACON ONION BONANZA From the Nov., 2011 Saveur (click here to view the recipe) Since sitting down to write this week’s posting I’ve been slammed with “urgent” emails relating to everything from a mysterious leak that’s appeared in my downstairs neighbors’ closet; a busted basin in my bathroom that’s rendered the sink unusable; a variety of issues relating to my upcoming office move (insurance certificates,
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12/01/11 • ARTICHOKE CHEESE SPREAD With Thanksgiving still in the rearview mirror and the double header of Christmas/New Year’s looming on the horizon, food has been on my mind a lot lately. Actually, since food is pretty much always on my mind, perhaps I should say that it’s been on my mind more urgently lately. “Urgently” both because this is the time of year when I feel compelled to turn out somewhat more elaborat
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