April 2012

04/26/12 • THE D.I.Y. BURGER!

04/26/12 • The D.I.Y. Burger! From America’s Test Kitchen (click here to view the recipe) Where cooking is concerned, you take your inspiration where you find it. I’d like to tell you that for me it tends to come from what’s on most vibrant display at the farmer’s market, but this wouldn’t be exactly true (although the recent arrival of asparagus—mountains of it, a seeming bumper crop—has certainly got my wheel
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04/19/12 • VEGGIE CURRY IN A HURRY! From America’s Test Kitchen As you’ve all figured out by now, I have a natural inclination for anything in the animal fat or carbohydrate department (see the previous three postings for further confirmation: coconut cake anyone?)! Still, even a guy like me who can happily tear into a wedge of Gouda and a bag of crackers and call it dinner sometimes hits a wall — a wall on whi
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04/12/12 • EASY CHEESE SPREAD From Canal House Cooking, vol. no. 6 It’s still hard to believe that Spring is here already. And by “Spring” I don’t just mean the official, calendar-defined season, but rather the one marked by the appearance of small green buds on just about everything — even that sad little shrub I pass on my way to work each morning that I figured was surely destined for the trash heap. Here in NYC t
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04/05/12 • SPRING-IT-ON CAKE!

04/05/12 • SPRING-IT-ON CAKE! From the Dec., 2005 Gourmet (click here to view the recipe)   For much of my life, coconut has been among the small list of foods I felt certain would never win me over. It’s an exclusive group that also boasts liver of any kind (I do make an exception where pate or terrine is concerned), anything that falls in the offal category (“awful” is more apt), and anchovies. In other words,
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