January 2013


01/31/13 • APPLE CREAM CAKE Adapted from the Sept./Oct., 2012 Fine Cooking I’ve been waiting months for the right moment to make this cake, and a few days ago the opportunity finally presented itself. Waiting, of course, is a little uncharacteristic for me in matters such as these; when a recipe speaks to me as loudly as this one did, I tend to go directly from page to kitchen (or at least to the market to purchase t
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01/24/13 • SUPER SQUASH SPREAD Adapted from Jerusalem: A Cookbook by Yotam Ottolenghi and Sami Tamimi Last week a group of friends came over to watch the Golden Globes and the squash purée you see before you is one of the things I made. I’ve always loved hummus and thought this recently discovered recipe might offer a nice alternative to that Middle Eastern classic. Here the use of butternut squash and the date (or m
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01/17/13 • SPEED DEMONS’ LASAGNA Adapted from America’s Test Kitchen  I know, I know, lasagna—not exactly consistent with the theme of last week’s posting in which I gave voice to a post-holiday impulse to lay off the sort of rich, rib-sticking foods I’m usually drawn to. What can I say? I did that for a few days, and then, well, I didn’t want to anymore. And in truth, I’m a big believer in giving your body wha
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01/10/13 • LUSTY KALE SOUP

01/10/13 • LUSTY KALE SOUP Adapted from the Jan., 2001 Gourmet  Few conversations are less promising than ones that begin with the words: “I had the most amazing dream last night!” Such is the nature of our unconscious wanderings that they’re never as interesting to the person hearing about them as they are to the mind in which they unspooled (unless, of course, you’re Sigmund Freud). Still, at the risk of putting yo
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