September 2013


10/02/13 • SAUSAGE FRITTATA From the Oct., 2013 Bon Appétit Unlike summer when my idea of the perfect breakfast is a bowl of Grape Nuts buried under a mound of fat blackberries, something about the arrival of fall puts me in the mood for a more substantial start to the day—the sort of meal that could power me through a game of touch-football if I was ever inclined to do such a thing (which, of course, I’m not). For t
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09/25/13 • SAUTEED MUSHROOMS From the Oct., 2013 Food and Wine Mushrooms can be a tough sell for a kid, particularly in their uncooked form when they’re just a little too spongy and strange for any but the most adventurous eater. I can remember the moment when that changed for me. It was around the big dining table at the house in northern Maine where my stepmother’s extensive family assembled every summer—one of tho
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09/10/13 • SALSA VERDE

09/10/13 • SALSA VERDE From the June, 2011 Bon Appétit Even though summer isn’t officially over for another eleven days, what with New York City kids now back in school, and the sun rising ever later (I’m sure there was more light when I took Sid and Lily for their morning walk last week!), I’m already finding myself nostalgic for the season that’s not quite over. With that in mind I thought I’d share with you
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09/03/13 • FIG AND ALMOND CAKE From the Wed., Aug. 21st edition of The New York Times This past weekend got off to a sweet start with a visit to Briermere Farm in Riverhead, NY, a farm stand on the north fork of Long Island with a well-deserved reputation for turning out some of the East End’s very best pies, as well as for having one of the largest pie selections anywhere. On the day we visited I counted 27 varietie
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