Summer cooking

08/21/13 • TOMATO PIE

08/21/13 • TOMATO PIE From the Aug./Sept., 2013 Garden & Gun Every year around this time I begin to recognize with an internal thud that the season of fun is fast coming to an end. I seem to arrive at this realization later than most (many of my friends and family have been wringing their hands over this indisputable fact for weeks already) but eventually the truth creeps in, even for me. And so once again only a
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06/26/13 • SALMON WITH CREME FRAICHE From Fine Cooking, issue 57 Well folks, it’s been nearly two weeks since my Achilles’ surgery and I’m happy to report that I’m pain-free and back in “the boot.” This is an infinitely more appealing option than the splint I left the hospital in as it allows for the possibility of airing your foot out once in a while, and of wearing something other than gym shorts and sweatpants. Re
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08/23/12 • THE HAPPY CLAM SAUCE From the Sept., 2007 Fine Cooking (click here to view the recipe) In the last few weeks I’ve begun to notice a subtle shift in peoples’ attitude towards the summer. Gone is the air of anticipation that was everywhere in May and June. So, too, is the vibe of communal celebration that marked the month of July, when people across the city seemed to be gathering at outdoor cafes until the
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06/28/12 • TABOULEH 2.0

06/28/12 • TABOULEH 2.0 From the June, 2012 Bon Appetit (click here to view the recipe) I suppose any number of factors could compel a person to march into the kitchen and start cooking, but for most of us it probably comes down to the very basic understanding that food made by our own hands simply tastes better than the alternative. It was that belief, anyway, that was rattling around in my head as I set about assem
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