08/21/13 • TOMATO PIE

08/21/13 • TOMATO PIE From the Aug./Sept., 2013 Garden & Gun Every year around this time I begin to recognize with an internal thud that the season of fun is fast coming to an end. I seem to arrive at this realization later than most (many of my friends and family have been wringing their hands over this indisputable fact for weeks already) but eventually the truth creeps in, even for me. And so once again only a
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05/28/13 • CHICKEN CUTLETS WITH TOMATOES From the June/July, 2013 Fine Cooking There’s nothing like the anticipation of big events in your life (and the arrival of your 5th decade!) to spur change, which I suppose explains why Alfredo and I have recently made some alterations to our way of doing things—specifically in the realm of food. This isn’t the first time we’ve made such tweaks but it is the only occasion I ca
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 09/20/12 • THE REAL-DEAL RATATOUILLE From Julia Child’s Mastering the Art of French Cooking When I was growing up in Philadelphia in the 1970s, the French/Mediterranean vegetable casserole known as ratatouille seemed to be everywhere—sort of the way kale salads or pot pies are today. Or maybe it’s just that my mom was heavy into Julia Child’s the Art of French Cooking at the time, and that particular dish quickly be
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08/30/12 • SAVORY SUMMER TART From the Sept., 2012 Elle Decor (click here to view the recipe) If you’re the sort of person who reflexively slows down whenever a roadside farm-stand comes into view, then you’ve officially entered whiplash season. That was my conclusion last weekend, anyway, as I tooled around the East End of Long Island and found my head repeatedly swiveling right, then left, then right again. Farm-st
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