August 2012


08/30/12 • SAVORY SUMMER TART From the Sept., 2012 Elle Decor (click here to view the recipe) If you’re the sort of person who reflexively slows down whenever a roadside farm-stand comes into view, then you’ve officially entered whiplash season. That was my conclusion last weekend, anyway, as I tooled around the East End of Long Island and found my head repeatedly swiveling right, then left, then right again. Farm-st
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08/23/12 • THE HAPPY CLAM SAUCE From the Sept., 2007 Fine Cooking (click here to view the recipe) In the last few weeks I’ve begun to notice a subtle shift in peoples’ attitude towards the summer. Gone is the air of anticipation that was everywhere in May and June. So, too, is the vibe of communal celebration that marked the month of July, when people across the city seemed to be gathering at outdoor cafes until the
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08/16/12 • SIMPLE CORN SALAD From the Aug./Sept. Fine Cooking One of the questions I’m constantly asking myself when deciding what to post each week is whether a particular recipe falls within that sweet spot that will make it either so ridiculously easy that you don’t need me to tell you about it, or so complex that you’ll immediately dismiss it as unrealistic. This recipe for corn salad falls squarely in the former
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08/09/12 • PIECE O’ (PEACH) CAKE

08/09/12 • PIECE O’ (PEACH) CAKE From season 12 of America’s Test Kitchen (click here to view the recipe)  At its best, eating can be a kind of adventure—a chance to put your comfort level on the line and experience something that will either have you running for the safety of the nearest ham sandwich, or that can turn your life just a little upside down. That’s something I first discovered many decades ago, wh
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08/03/12 • STREET EATS, ASIAN-STYLE From the May, 2012 Food & Wine (click here to view the recipe) Greetings from the Olympics!! . . . Well, not really, although in some ways my head is still at “the games” (or maybe I just left it in Heathrow’s Terminal Three, while making a mad dash for my flight to the U.S. late Tuesday). In other words, I may technically be back at my desk in New York City, but I don’t feel e
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