August 2013


08/27/13 • CREAMY ZUCCHINI SOUP From the Sept., 2013 Food & Wine Soup is one of those food groups that as a rule fail to excite me. With the exception of a really cold winter’s day when a hot bowl of soup suddenly seems like a good idea, soup is usually the last thing you’ll find me eating (the one exception is my longtime Chinese restaurant favorite, hot and sour soup—something I’ll happily consume in any kind o
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08/21/13 • TOMATO PIE

08/21/13 • TOMATO PIE From the Aug./Sept., 2013 Garden & Gun Every year around this time I begin to recognize with an internal thud that the season of fun is fast coming to an end. I seem to arrive at this realization later than most (many of my friends and family have been wringing their hands over this indisputable fact for weeks already) but eventually the truth creeps in, even for me. And so once again only a
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08/06/13 • BLUEBERRY HAND PIES Adapted from the July, 2013 Bon Appétit For a multitude of reasons I won’t bore you with, the last few weeks have slipped into hyper-drive, making it difficult for me to sit down and write a proper posting, much less get home in time to turn on the oven. My hope is that in the coming days there will be some sort of planetary realignment and I’ll begin to see a few rays of light pe
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